The Left’s Default Position: Coercion

Chronicling the track record of the Obama campaign one must be excused for coming to a disturbing conclusion. It is riddled with gagging orders and other methods for silencing the opposition, ranging from downright acts of violence to so-called swarming and nudging. The Action Wire o’trolls and o’bots to date have done very little but polarizing, trashing and vilifying the opposition. A few such methods are listed in a recent post, “The Veil is Dropping.” A certain German corporal who committed suicide in a Berlin bunker in 1945 would have approved.

Once subjectivism replaces reason, sooner or later it always comes down to aggression. Violence and coercion are at the heart of every level of subjectivist thought, metaphysically, epistemological and ethically.

This stands to reason. Why, we’ll explain tomorrow. For now … take this as just ‘the latest example of the bully tactics displayed by the o’bots.

American Thinker: “You Tube pulls a popular anti-Democrat video off the web (updated),” by C. Edmund Wright

You Tube and Warner Music Group today pulled a highly popular video that very succinctly and clearly spelled out the roots of the current economic crisis. The 9:59 video entitled “Burning Down the House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis” played four different songs under a fast moving video sequence that very clearly tied Democrats like Chris Dodd, Franklin Raines, Jim Johnson and Barack Obama to policies and corruption related to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

It cleverly showed how the “affordable mortgage” programs sent an economic virus through the entire economy and showed Republican efforts to intervene and regulate being blocked.

For Obama and all congressional Democrats, it was a devastating video (…) the video disappeared with the banner saying “This Video is no longer available due to a copywrite claim by Warner Music Group.” This sounds to me a lot like another front in this war for the country. (…) >>>

The author suggests to redo the video without the music. But that’s besides the point; of course, Warner Music’s claim is simply another excuse to gag the offensive prop. Indeed, an update reads:

“Daniel J. Bianco writes in, pointing out that head of the Warner Music Group’s political contributions this year are going exclusively to Democrats.

We can do even better than that! Under the cover of anonymity an o’bot has left a note explaining himself and his coercive actions in terms of a postmodernist caricature which renders it meaningless a priori (see also pomo lingo: meaningless sound waves, rhetoric, or yada yada):

“Quite the sensationalist video. Unfortunately, this is so slanted it may tip the axis of the earth. The truth is that there’s enough blame to go around everywhere. recently released an article about “who is to blame”, and I think that you should give it an honest read.”

Yes, that would be convenient and a good reason to silence criticism, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately has recently been caught not checking the facts. Somehow it’s authority as impermeable levee against the constant trickle of subjectivist fantasy has suffered in the process. But then – not being blind activists for a cause, no matter what the unpalatable facts or its sordid history, objectively thinking people usually do their own ‘honest’ fact checking.

Very instructive all … case you haven’t seen it, here’s once more the “very succinctly and clearly spelled out roots of the current economic crisis” – tomorrow we’ll go into the philosophical basis for the coercive mind-set of subjectivism (really, they have no other option) …

Should “Burning Down the House” disappear again, here’s another address.

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