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Week of 5/1-5/7- 2009

Obama News
Weekly Intelligence Report

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define the fundamental issues that
 divide 'left' from 'right', else peace can
never be found..america needs peace

Obama Stream



the obama press release
"social innovation fund"
50 mil to find innnovative nonprofits

 No breakthrough on climate bill



New story posted at I Watch Obama:
Source: No criminal case likely over torture memos


Obama's 'empathy'
shapes SCOTUS debate


Obama's Climate Control Policies may have met delays, advances in
Obama's National Service programs strengthen Obama's base, the
ongoing struggle with the Gitmo enhanced interrrogation controversy
remains a vasciating point as Obama moves to protect his
administration from future proescutions while not appearing to
sanction torture, and finally, the upcoming Supreme Court nomination
may have an easy go in the Senate.

President Obama on latest job numbers- 5-7-9

This week is a mixed bag for Obama, with victories and setbacks,
dominated by the ever-emerging question: How much government is too
much?  How much government is too little?

Dem Stream


House Dem fires warning shot to Obama on war –
San Francisco Chronicle


  • RedState
    "Chris Dodd Dismisses Another Budding Scandal – CTVoter2010’s blog - 




    Murtha's nephew received
    $4 million defense no-bid congtracts


    Harman Letter Exposes Pelosi’s
    Waterboarding Hypocrisy


    Nancy Pelosi original explanation on waterboarding

    Pelosi and Murtha had very bad weeks, Chris Dodd's world continues to be
    bleak, House Dems challenge Obama's War Policies.

    While the Dems enjoy almost complete dominance (pending the
    Coleman-Franken resuts), it seems that a schism is quietly forming
    within the democratic party, largely regarding two main issues- the
    rights of states and the prosecution of the war.  None of these schisms
    seem to be major, but should the war become a harder grind, should Obama
    ask for more war dollars, more troops, the war schism will grow.  As for
    the states rights issues, these are largely southern dems who ran as
    'moderates'.  The question for them is this: what hurts more,
    contradicting a popular President or alienating a key voting block, the
    so-called middle (especially the South's version of the middle).

    GOP Stream


    My oped in WallStreetJournal -GOP must build our party around
    principles of freedom




    Senator DeMint Gets

    What It Takes To Win

    : The Mitt Blog:




    Is the Republican Party still relevant
    in American politics?


    The republican party is going through a massive upheaval, as is
    obvious to any casual observer.  It is trying to reconcile the need to broaden
    its appeal while not alienating its core base.  Arguments over a need for
    leaders, a need for new ideas, a need to return to core values reveal that there
    is no central power within the republican party, but rather 3 or 4 power bases,
    none of which can agree to work with one another, the Mccainiacs (the so-called
    moderates), the Palin Conservatives, the old GOP guard (The Romney folks), the
    young representatives (led by people like Congressman Paul Ryan), and the salty
    conservatives (constitution-issue people).

    A charismatic leader can bring parties together, but that unity will
    not transcend the leader.  The republican party is a party at war with itself,
    questioning its very reason for existence.

    Political News Summary:

    The Dems are almost as divided as the republicans, but success is a
    balm over such growing gulfs.  The republicans are throwing out a different 'new
    idea' every week, going on 'listening tours' and repackaging Gingrich's Contract
    With America.  What may be happening is that BOTH parties are losing their

    Remove BHO from the dems and they have Pelosi-Reid leading them. I
    bet that Pelosi and Reid couldn't sell Obamacare.  BHO is his own party.

    BHO is the only popular political incumbent at the national scene. 
    In a sense, his popularity conceals the true depth of disenfranchisement across
    the country, from the left AND the right, for seemingly very different reasons,
    but one core similarity: a perception, real or imagined, that the people you
    elected to carry out your worldview are failing to represent you.

    Again, remove Obama and there is no national political leader left,
    at present, who has positive approval ratings.

    This has been a week of republican irrelevancy and democratic
    missteps overshadowed by the continued popularity of BHO.  As long as he remains
    popular, the ineptness of the rest of Congress (all members collectively- and
    some exclusively) won't become an impediment to BHO completing the experiment we
    call Obamacare.


    Bailout Stream



    Did White House threaten Chrysler creditors?



    Chrysler won't repay bailout money –



    Dissident Chrysler lenders step up opposition



    More threats to Chrysler by
    White House surface.



    Hedge Funds Outraged At Obama
    Bullying But Also Cowering In Fear

    This is something that the Obama administration must focus on, the
    increasing accusations that first the Bush Admin, and then the Obama
    admin continuing, illegally intimidated companies to go along with
    the Federal Plan.

    The settlement plan for Chrysler will also attract further scrutiny
    on Obama's union connections.  Coupled with the involvement of
    leaders from such groups as Acorn and Americorp in divying up the
    monies for Obama's national service agenda may also connect Obama,
    fairly or not, with Acorn, even as it faces more charges across the
    nation of vote fraud.

    BHO will somehow need to separate himself from Acorn without
    alienating many of his strongest supporters who also support Acorn,
    Americorp, etc.

    Conservative exploitation of the Acorn issue is sure to continue. 
    Perhaps if Obama could make the awarding of monies to nonprofit
    groups transparently nonpartisan then the Acorn issue will have no

    As the weeks unfold, progressives will undoubtedly search for
    examples of conservatives in power giving away political booty (such
    as conservatives accuse Obama of doing through his "social
    innovation fund"), so conservatives should check their history
    before they rush to the martyr's square.

    What we have to ask ourselves is this- do we believe this is a
    natural consequence of winning elections or do we not want our
    government using tax dollars to reward the people who brought you to
    the dance? 

    This is not as simple a question as it appears on its face. 
    Elections do have consequences, and no matter how hard we try just
    the natual tendency to associate with like-minded people will create
    a de facto preference system that rewards your politicos.

    Voters will have to decide where the line exists between the natural
    selection process of like-minded people and payoffs for future

    From Rachel Maddow- don't ask, don't tell challenged- start at 1:30
    minute mark

    Specter Stream

    PA-Sen: Specter Crushes Toomey as Democrat, but Ridge is Close:




    Specter against key part of health care reform plan:



    Specter cancer research site is
    a campaign fundraising tool.



    Arlen Specter says he wants GOPer
    Norm Coleman to win his Senate seat back.



    How to file an FEC complaint against
    "Specter for the Cure:"


    Does specter's pickle
    put card check back on the table?


    Arlen Specter's switch to dem was one of the main streams of the
    week.  An emerging scandal involving his nonprofit "Specter for the
    Cure" has flown largely under the radar, but no doubt the dems are
    aware of this, and how it weakens Specter (which is why they felt
    they could knock down his seniority and give him a meaningless chair

    Tom Ridge bowing out of the PA Race before he ever got in creates an
    interesting problem for the dems.  If they go after Specter in the
    primary, and lose, they lose for sure against Toomey.  If they
    support Specter from the start, they might very well win, but
    they'll be stuck with Specter (the man without an animal- no decent
    donkey or elephant would be seen with him).  If they go after
    Specter in the primaries, even if they win, their candidate will be
    damaged.  Specter fights hard and rough, and the dems know this very

    World Stream



    Russian warship escorts first
    commercial convoy off Somali coast:



    Chambliss: No Money For Terrorist Relocation:

    AFP reports..



    Ahmadinejad in new tirade against Israel…


    Troops, militants locked in intense
    Mingora gunbattle



    Obama's Pakistan Nightmare


    Karzai ignored UN pleas,

    named notorious warlord as vice:


    Obama administration seeks
    $63B for world health: .


    Pakistan targets militant-held valley –
    The Associated Press



    The Conflict in Sri Lanka:
    A Cornered Tiger Is Still Deadly


    What you need to know is that Pakistan is losing ground to the Taliban,
    North Korea is becoming more bellicose, Russia is moving ships into the
    Mideast region, poor nations are becoming poorer…in short…the trend
    towards decentralization continues, even as world leaders are trying to
    move towards greater centralization.

    Odd Tweets

    U.S. federal aid is

    top revenue for states



    Hate Crime Protection for Pedophiles
    but No Protection for Military: Hate crime



    Can the Re-launched
    Newsweek Survive?:



    ACORN eligible for $8 Billion more in funding


    The oddest tweet for me was the one about the states seeing their
    greatest revenue come from the Federal government. This issue,
    state's rights, is becoming increasingly the rising issue on both
    sides of the political spectrum.  It might very well be the
    emergence of one of the fundamental contrasts that the competing
    factions have, the power of states versus the power of the fed.

    A last thought:

    Controversy abounds about AG Eric Holder's idea of letting some
    Gitmo detainees loose in America, maybe even give them aid.  From
    what we can gather, and we would want greater clarification, the
    people in question, the Chinese wygers, are not terrorists in even
    the remotest sense of the word.  Sure, I don't want suspected
    terrorists loose in our country, but I don't want to ostracize
    people JUST for being 'picked up'.

    This is an extremely dangerous precedent to accept.  In truth, if,
    after getting access to the hard core 'facts', this really is what
    is appears, hapless, desperate men who were used by the taliban,
    then THE right thing to do is to take these people in to America,
    give them an opportunity to earn their citizenship (the way all
    immigrants do..however that is), and…YES…..fund them to help get
    them started.

    If these men are who they seem, they have done nothing wrong but
    want to live and to be free.  We can do that for them, can't we?

    We can't save the world, but circumstances brought these men to us.
    We are responsible, not legally, but morally, to help lift these men
    up…THAT is why America is so strong today.

    Our Tweet of the Week:


    ACORN eligible for $8 Billion more in funding


    We've made this our tweet of the week because we believe the Acorn
    issue is one of the few vulnerabilities BHO has left.  His
    loyalty to others, such as handing the keys to Pelosi out of a sense
    of loyalty, may be his one scotoma.  If we were advising BHO,
    we would tell him to get in front of this story before it slowly
    crawls into the American conscience.

    Pat Cadell on the first 100 days of BHO

    Paul Collier- An American Freedomist

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