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01-21-10 McCain – Feingold link report

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

John McCain, Russ Feingold diverge on court ruling – Kasie Hunt 3 hours ago by Kasie Hunt  
The senators’ divergent reactions to the campaign finance ruling reflect impact of ruling on each party.
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Michelle Malkin » Supreme Court decimates McCain-Feingold campaign 5 hours ago by Michelle Malkin  
Supreme Court decimates McCain-Feingold campaign finance law; Update: Citizens United reacts to victory.
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McCain-Feingold, R.I.P. « Don Surber5 hours ago by Don Surber  
The justices also struck down part of the landmark McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill that barred union- and corporate-paid issue ads in the closing days of election campaigns. Advocates of strong campaign finance regulations have
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Hot Air » Blog Archive » Breaking: Supreme Court strikes down some 5 hours ago by Ed Morrissey  
Breaking: Supreme Court strikes down some McCain-Feingold provisions; Update: Opinion added.
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SCOTUS Strikes Down Heart Of McCain-Feingold :: FITSNews4 hours ago by fitsnews  
Incidentally, two years ago the Court struck down another part of McCain-Feingold that prohibited groups from broadcasting ads that mention a candidate’s name in the weeks leading up to an election. “This is the most significant First
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Left Coast Rebel: McCain Feingold Overturned by Supreme Court5 hours ago by Left Coast Rebel  
As per BBCW, I saw the breaking news that the Supreme court has overturned the McCain Feingold campaign finance law. I’m reading now at the New York Times that the court ruled 5-4 today and specifically struck down provisions that
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JustOneMinute: A Body Blow To McCain-Feingold5 hours ago by Tom Maguire  
The Supreme Court finds, by a 5-4 vote, that corporations (and presumaby others, such as unions) can spend as much as they want advocating whatever and whomever they want whenever they want. Direct contributions to a campaign are still
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Supreme Court rules against McCain-Feingold | Daily Loaf3 hours ago by Tom Bortnyk  
Tampa Creative Loafing, shelter from the mainstream for news, event listings, dining, movies and music.
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Commentary » Blog Archive » Supreme Court Vindicates Political 4 hours ago by Jennifer Rubin  
FEC struck down major portions of the McCain-Feingold campaign-finance law. The Court left in place the disclosure requirement for corporations and the disclaimer requirement that identifies whether an ad is not paid for by the campaign
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About That McCain-Feingold Bill… | The League of Ordinary Gentlemen3 hours ago by Mark Thompson  
Hopefully I’ll have more tonight or tomorrow on the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United. But I am amazed at the hyperventilating response from.
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McCain-Feingold Gutted by Court: Big Business Elated : Veterans Today4 hours ago by Michael Leon  
McCain-Feingold Gutted by Court: Big Business Elated. January 21, 2010 by Michael Leon · Leave a Comment. The military-industrial complex and Big Pharma found a friend in the U.S. Supreme Court. In Citizens United v.
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McCain-Feingold Receives SCOTUS Smackdown | Liberally Conservative3 hours ago by Liberally Conservative  
In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that a central provision of the 2002 McCain-Feingold campaign-finance act violated the First Amendment by restricting corporations from funding political messages in the
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Another Black Conservative: SCOTUS knocks down parts of McCain 4 hours ago by Clifton B  
SCOTUS knocks down parts of McCain Feingold. In a 5-4 ruling the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that corporations (and that means Unions too) are free to spend whatever they want on campaign ads. The part of McCain Feingold
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Supreme Court Guts McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Laws5 hours ago by  
The case stemmed from a movie critical of then-pres. candidate Hillary Clinton, which the FEC said violated the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, also known as McCain-Feingold. The FEC argued the movie violated section 203 of BCRA,
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Patterico’s Pontifications » Supreme Court Rules Portions of 6 hours ago by Patterico  
It seems that whether or not McCain-Feingold is constitutional depends solely as to what side he is on. Comment by Scott Jacobs — 1/21/2010 @ 7:25 am. IIRC, this applies to independent expenditures, meaning that coordinated stuff would
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Supreme Court Strikes Down McCain Feingold | American Conservative 4 hours ago by Cato Uticensis  
A striking victory today for the First Amendment! The Supreme Court in a 5-4 vote threw out federal laws which limited campaign spending.
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Weasel Zippers: Supreme Court Rules On McCain-Feingold5 hours ago by ZIP  
I don’t speak legalese so I’ll send you over to Ace’s place. AoSHQ: Supreme Court Overturns Ban On Corporate Political Speech And Part Of McCain-Feingold As Drew M. says: Expect more throughout the day but my initial take is regardless.
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The gutting of McCain-Feingold | Clive Crook’s blog | FT.com38 minutes ago by Clive Crook  
Clive Crook, Washington columnist for the Financial Times, blogs from the US on Obama, Congress, American healthcare reform, Congress and American politics and economics.
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McCain Feingold1 hour ago by Admin  
Russ Feingold is seething mad. John McCain is giving more of a disappointed shrug. The senators whose names were associated with the landmark campaign fina…
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Political Pistachio: McCain-Feingold Provisions Struck Down by 3 hours ago by Douglas V. Gibbs  
The justices also struck down part of the landmark McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill that barred union- and corporate-paid issue ads in the closing days of election campaigns.” While a victory for free speech, some see this as
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Supreme Court Drop-Kicks McCain/Feingold – Jim Report | VX50.com39 minutes ago
Fans of the First Amendment can rejoice. In a 5-4 decision, the US Supreme Court today struck do … –

Scott Brown Coalition- Not For Party, Not for Gain, For the People

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Scott Brown symbolizes the common sense, liberty-minded values that made America great! We are not a nation of sheople, we are a united federation of 50 sovereign states with thousands of local communities and 300 million sovereign citizens, all striving to raise our families and make our way in this world. All we ask, all we have ever asked, of “government” is to defend our liberty- our rights, our persons, and our property! We don’t care about party affiliation, or party agendas, we are aren… Continue


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Scott Brown Election- A sweet night

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

 I couldn’t help thinking last night, as I watched the election returns come in — A new day for the US is dawning! Scott Brown stands for the values that made our country great. I was afraid the scale had ‘tipped’ and those values were history. But, when the people of MA -largely made up of democrats! – saw it Brown’s way, I was encouraged! Then the news commentary reflected my thoughts. Wow. The news has been so biased to the far left! This election was really history in the making! Thank… Continue


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1-21-10 Scott Brown Win Endangers Political Elites

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

The New Politics- “What’s The Big Burning Ball In The Sky?” William R Collier Jr. Make no mistake about it, that big burning ball in the sky is getting closer, and the so-called experts from the party machine have no idea yet, but a “mass extinction event” is coming for the OLD POLITICS. Today, new movements that have no real “leader” are raising $4-$5 MILLION for a SINGLE Senate candidate (Scott Brown) online in just a few days, causing chaos in the smoke filled rooms on both sides of the par… Continue


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TSA Nominee Withdraws Name from Consideration

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

TSA Nominee Withdraws Name from Consideration ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper January 20, 2010 9:03 AM Criticized by some conservative Republicans, President Obama’s nominee to head up the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Erroll Southers, withdrew his name from consideration, it was announced today. Calling Southers “uniquely qualified for this job,” White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said that “it is with great sadness that the President accepted Sou… Continue


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